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Nidek NS-IB Medical Slit Lamp for Optometry Vision Exams


Nidek SL-1600 Zeiss 30SL Style Ophthalmic Slit Lamp w Fixation Light


Nidek Handy NM-2000 Fundus Camera for Medical Optometry Vision Exams


Santinelli Nidek LE9000 Express LE9000, LE7070 New Replacement Cutting Wheels




Nidek MP-1S Microperimeter Retinograph Perimeter Visual Field Fundus Analyzer


NIDEK Marco 700A Autorefractor / Keratometer


Santinelli (NIDEK) LE 9000SX Patternless Edger + Tracer


Nidek AFC-230 Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera


NIDEK ARK 700A Autorefractor / Keratometer 


Nidek AFC-230 non-mydriatic retinal camera


Nidek AFC-230 Non Mydriatic Automatic Fundus Camera w Canon EOS D5 Camera Back


Nidek Marco CB 18636


Nidek MP-1 Microperimeter Retinograph Retinal Microperimeter COMP SYS Fundus


Nidek MP-1 Microperimeter and Retinograph MP1 ISO10940


Nidek GYC 1000 2000 Combination Delivery Attachment from YC-1600


Used NIDEK 3 DX F Type B Stereo Fundus Camera includes table and manuals


MP-1 Microperimeter, NIDEK Tech., with table, Very Good condition 


Santinelli Nidek LE9000 sx express 3D-fit Patternless Len Edger System 23k cuts


Nidek IM11 Wafer Auto Loader, Autoloader, Excellent Working Condition


Nidek FT-3D Video Flatness Tester


Nidek/Marco ARK 10000 OPD SCAN I, UPGRADED to SCAN II!!! Special Price!


NIDEK FT-3B Video Flatness Tester


2795 Nidek SI032-PC2252A Loader Assy.


Working NIDEK 3-DX Stereo Disc Fundus Opthamological Camera


2641 Nidek IM7 SI032-PC2186 Microscope Wafer Loader


Nidek MK2000 Microkeratome w Footswitch Motor Cord 8.5 9.5 Rings


nidek Santinelli 7070 edger accessories plastic box


2640 Nidek IM7 SI032-PC2185A Microscope Wafer Transporter Assy.


Nidek LM-990A Auto Lensmeter


2792 Pneumatic Linear Actuator Slide Assy./Nidek SI023-PC2184A Control Board


2642 Nidek PC Y Assy S400-PC899 Microscope Wafer Aligner


Santinelli Nidek LE9000 Express LEX1000 LEX1200 ME1000 Main Spindle Motor




Nidek S1145-PC2277A IM-14 Wafer Loader PCB Board IM-11 MAIN/11 Used


Nidek NT-2000 Auto Non-Contact Tonometer


Nidek S1470-PC2592A Wafer Autoloader PCB Board IM14-MF1 OF/θ Used Working


2796 Nidek IM-7 SI032-PC2043A Aligner